Meet the Band

Hey, thanks for stopping by our website.  We appreciate you checking us out.  Please check out samples of our songs and performances (both audio and video) but in the meantime – meet the boys of The New Locals band! We are based in suburban Philadelphia and play in bars and restaurants (as well as private shindigs) in Chester, Delaware and Lancaster counties in Pennsylvania. Allow us to the be the party band for your next celebration.

Doug - photoDoug Clark

Plays bass and has over 200 recipes for chicken.  He can be seen doing things both inside and outside on a daily basis.  His motto is “kazoo and the world kazoos with you”.  He is wrong.  Doug is interested in stuff and things related to that stuff.

Rich - photoRich Davis

Plays guitar and can accurately predict things that have just happened around him.  He enjoys the planet earth and expects to be allowed to stay.   Rich likes “respecting people and the stupid crap that they say”.  He can recognize things from great distances.

Kyle - photoKyle Kettering

Plays sax, trumpet, guitar, bagpipes, and the inverted zither.  We don’t allow him to play those last two – one is annoying and the other too dangerous.  Kyle once shelled 1000 peanuts in under a day.  He refuses to acknowledge the semicolon as a legitimate punctuation mark.

David - photoDavid Wilson

Plays keyboards and efficiently exchanges carbon dioxide for oxygen.   He once resembled a person that was extremely interesting.  He can mumble the capitals of all 50 states.  David wants people to know that he “knows what they’ve been up to, and does not approve.”

Jim - photoJim Wood

Plays drums and is sick of people saying otherwise.  He once fashioned a gajing cruchold from a simple kamadarin.  Jim’s fondest memories involve croquet and the professional rodeo.  He “regularly exercises his right to do that thing” he just did.

13 thoughts on “Meet the Band

  1. Enjoyed the website, when are you at the Hilltop Crab house?
    Janine thinks you guys are hot????????? Sharyn

    1. Hi, Sharyn,
      Yes, Janine apparently has very discerning taste and thinks we are hot (HOTTTTT!!!!!)! We have just booked a slew of dates at The Hilltop. The next date is Jan 25, 2013. Hope to see you there!

  2. Hi- First let me say- You guys rock!!! Secondly, I’m one of those ‘weird’ planners. How can I see future dates on your calendar beyond February 14th? Is there a monthly view? thanks!

  3. I remember that time I saw you guys. It was cool. And, you might as well do it, cause your just gonna have to do it.

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